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Is This Rock Over Priced?


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Hi Guys,


Just found this site, hoping you guys can help a newbie. Is this a good price for the Rock based on the 4 C's, or am I paying too much for this rock. Thanks.




This is from BlueNile.com


Stock number: LD00323129


Price: $57,703


Bank wire price: $56,838


Carat weight: 2.34


Cut: Signature Ideal


Color: F


Clarity: IF


Depth %: 61.2%


Table %: 56%


Symmetry: Ideal


Polish: Ideal


Girdle: Thin to medium, faceted


Culet: Pointed


Fluorescence: Negligible


Measurements: 8.58 x 8.66 x 5.27 mm

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That price is at the upper end of pricing for online dealers. The premium is due to its AGSL Ideal status, which is a strong pedigree.


I checked the grading report for you. At 41 degrees the pavilion angle is on the upper edge of my personal 'favorite' zone, but nothing to worry about unless there is a lot of variance in the pavilion facets (41 is the average of eight numbers and there are 16 lower halves). The photomicrograph on the GCAL shows it to have appx 80% lower halves, but this AGSL report is old, from before they recorded lower halves, so that's just a guess. In fact, without seeing the stone or a performance indicator like an ideal-scope photo it's all guesswork here ;) though the AGSL 0 in light performance is very positive and this is likely a firecracker.


One thing I would ask about: AGSL did not start issuing light performance reports until 2005, yet this diamond was graded in 11/2004. Either this is one of the very first LP DQDs or BN had the report updated without having the date updated (?)


Neil, maybe you know with your ICGA powerz?

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AGSL will do an ‘update’ of a report to include the light performance for any stone that they have the data on file but the report date will remain the date of inspection, not the date the new report was printed. My guess that they ordered an updated report when the new ones became available. I’ve never successfully had an update done prior to a 2005 inspection, and I actually recently failed to get one from a July 2004 inspection and had to send the stone in for a new inspection. This would indeed suggest that this one of the first stones inspected to get a light performance grade. Of interesting note, the date on the GCAL is the day after the date on the AGS. That’s either some fast work or some creative back dating by GCAL since AGSL is in Las Vegas, GCAL is in NYC and AGSL rarely if ever ships out things on the same day as the inspection because of the logistics of how things flow through the lab.



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Hi Guys,


I want to thank all of you for taking time to answer my questions and being so helpful, I really appreciate all your comments. This will be the very first diamond I will buy for my GF soon to be wife of 12 years. All those years of saving has paid off, I will order the Diamond in a few days, knowing the EXPERTS GAVE ME A THUMBS UP, of course I will have the rock appraised. Can anyone direct me to a good Rock Expert in the Los Angeles area, I'd appreciated it.


Thanks again everyone ;)





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