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Which One Would You Pick And Why?


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I am contemplating the two and i am totally pulling my hair out! So, I am taking a vote from all of you. :-)


A)Diamond Information:


Shape: Round

Cut: Premium

Carat: 1.34

Color: F

Clarity: VS2

Price: $8898

Diamond Proportions:

Measurements: 7.1-7.07-4.31

Depth Percentage: 60.8 %

Table Percentage: 58 %

Girdle: M

Culet: None (Pointed)

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: Strong


Weight 1.3 ct.


Color D

Clarity VS1

Measurements 6.91 - 6.82 x 4.36 mm

Depth 5.0

Table 61.0

Crown 13.4

Pavilion 44.4


Polish GOOD

Symmetry GOOD

Fluorescence MEDIUM BLUE

Culet NONE

Cut Grade

Lot 14621


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A few comments although I’m not going to answer your question. In the end, you can’t make a final determination without looking at the actual stone so the real question at this level is deciding which one is most likely to be what you want. Much of that boils down to understanding what you want. So….. what do you want?


You didn’t list a price on the second one.


‘Premium’ is not one of the choices on the GIA cut grading scale. Are you sure this is really a GIA graded stone or is it something made up by the jeweler based on the opinions of some GIA graduate? These are decidedly not the same things.


Which EGL? There are several different labs in operation with that acronym and they are not all equally reliable.


Depth of 5.0 on the second is surely a typo.


Have you seen either or both stones? Has any one else that you’re inclined to trust?


Are these both from online dealers competing for a discount pricing structure or is either from a dealer that’s adding value to the deal through their involvement?



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Hi Neil,

The price for the second one is $8,800

The GIA one is from an online store: www.uniondiamond.com

The EGL one is from a local jeweler.

I confirmed the EGL one with EGL in New York(http://www.eglusa.com/), so the specs i provided comes directly from them.

I have seen the EGL diamond, but NOT the GIA. This is why I am hesitant. HOWEVER, I saw a lot of good feedbacks for Union Diamond.

What i want is the diamond for the buck!

Any advice?


Thank you.



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The most diamond for the buck isn’t really what I was aiming for. Everybody wants that. If only it were so easy. That’s why you’re finding the process frustrating. I’ll try to walk you through it but, in the end I’m not going to answer your question about which you should buy but hopefully this conversation will make the decision easier.


‘D’ color costs a pretty good premium over otherwise similar stones and most people can’t see the difference in a mounted stone. The reason people generally buy it is because it’s the ‘best’. Is this why you chose it? Similar issues apply to both clarity and cutting. Other people are driven first by the budget and are trying to find the largest diamond they can get within certain parameters for that budget. Again, this drives a serious of questions about your parameters and not everyone is going to be the same. Unlike roses, a D is not always a D. There’s a pretty good chance that a stone described by EGL-USA as a D would be described by someone else as something different. Are you hoping for a stone that somebody called a D or are you ok with a F that’s been described as a D as long as the price is right? If you’ve got the EGL-USA report number and it was graded within the last 5 years or so you can look up the correct proportion information for free on their website. Depth of 5.0 is not the way they describe the depth value. Are you sure that's what it says?


I’ve no clue why Union wouldn’t use GIA’s cut grading scale on a GIA graded stone. Ask ‘em.



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Hi Neil,

Thanks for the fast reply. I did not choose the 'D' because it is the 'best'; the very first second i saw the D, I was so impressed by its brillant purity; it was so clear and bright. As far as if it make much difference between D and G after mounting on a ring, i do not know. What do you think?


I understand EGL is about 70% off when it comes to color grading(so i am actully assuming it as an "E" even though they say it is a D) rather than a true "D." So when I am comparing it with GIA diamonds, i would use a GIA "E" to compare with EGL "D". This is why I am having a tough time deciding between the two diamonds.


About the depth as 5.0, i am going to double check. I am sure it is a typo.


I have already email Union Diamond about the cut, so i am looking forward to hear from them.

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