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Did I Get A Good Deal?


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I live in Garden Grove, CA. Is EGL a trusted grader? I did not hear much good rating for EGL.

Also, I have NOT yet picked up the stone, nore paid the full amount because i told him i will shop around. This is why I need as much feedbacks as possible.


How much would you appraise for this stone given the 'quality' listed?


Thank you.

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There's nothing like enough information available to make a valuation. No, I don't find any of the EGL labs to be especially reliable. Click on the link titled 'find online jeweler'. Even if you have no intention of shopping online this can be a useful tool for price comparison with sort of similar stones. There are several 1.3ish d/vs1/rounds listed and all are asking more than that but dropping a single grade in clarity or color (or both) has a huge affect on the asking prices.


Here's a couple of well qualified appraisers in your neighborhood.


Patrick N. Davis


GemSecure Jewelry Appraisals

13323 Washington Blvd., Suite #301

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Ph: 310-821-1453

Ph: 310-429-7171



Paul Thompson


Paul Thompson Co

444 North Larchmont Blvd. #107

Los Angeles, CA 90004

Ph: 323-464-8815




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