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Need Just The Ring, Not The Diamond

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I am looking forward to proposing to my girlfriend a week from today.


I have a ring, from a family member that has a .75 ct diamond in it, round cut, solitaire.


My girlfriend loves 3-stone rings, and I'd like to mount the existing diamond in a new, 3-stone ring. I have visited a few jewelry stores (retail), and have gotten just about what I expected there... confusion, and high prices.


I found a nice 3-stone setting at Blue Nile for $850, and it's just what I am looking for. But they don't sell rings separate from diamonds.


I am looking for somewhere that will sell me just the ring, such that I can get the existing diamond mounted locally. I am open to shopping locally (San Diego) if I can be assured of competitive prices and avoiding the used-car-sales mentality. I will be in LA (Malibu) this weekend, and will be passing by all of Orange County and LA on the way there and back. I am also open to finding something along the way.


Also, I'm looking for internet-based jewlers that will sell just the ring. Someone that ships overnight would be helpful, also. :-)


Thank you in advance for your assistance!



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Talk to whoever it is you are planning to have set it about supplying the ring as well. That’s not going to be a particularly difficult item to find and any serious jeweler should be able to come up with it. Most skilled setters won’t be willing to set a stone that you didn’t get from them into a mounting that you didn’t get from them anyway so you should check and make sure you’ll be able to get the work done before you buy all of the parts and just assume that it will fit together properly. It just might not, and then you'll be left holding the proverbial bag.


Here are a couple of online catalogs that most jewelers both online and on the street can buy from. If you see something you like, ring up your jeweler and ask them about it.






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