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I have my purchase narrowed down to two rings. Ring #1 si1, g, ideal, GIA, 1.00 ct In a 6 prong cathedral ring for $5500 out the door. This is from a very respected local jeweler that is a friend of a friend. Good price but he preparing to go out of business. Under the scope I see 2 small inclusions along the edge. They don't seem to reflect. Ring #2 Leo Diamond from a mall chain, vs2, g, brilliant, .96ct, IGI. I do not see any inclusions in this stone. They have dropped there price to compete with ring #1 to $5850 out the door with a 4 prong set. $150 more to get a 6 prong. Questions Which one should I get? Is the 6 prong a better idea for an active outdoorsy girl ( more secure and protected)?

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