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Hi to all,

New to this so please bear with me...


Looking at a diamond with not a whole lot of information available...


Round 1.74 center stone, 14k band with 2 smaller side stones (not very important in this case, just the center stone to reset in husband's ring with a wide band ) the color is "G"-- clarity betweer I1 - I3 per seller, can not see stone in person only pictures which look OKAY (unfortunatly).


No apprailsal available with purchase but will refund cost minus S&H and "restock" charge if returned and does not appraise at at least 5,000 for replacement cost....which doesn't tell me a whole lot.....


Approx 2,500 asking price.....any thoughts , if I don't like will cost me approx 250.00 to return to seller 45.00 shipping both ways and 200.00 restock.


Thanks for your input, sorry I don't have more information for you.




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No way.


Grading by an anonymous seller that presumably you don’t know and therefore have no reason to trust is a deal killer.


Restocking fees are a deal killer.


I3 clarity is a deal killer unless you are absolutely certain that this is what you want. A sugar cube is I3.


Conditions on what is and what is and what is not a valid reason for a return are deal killers. You should be allowed to return during a reasonable amount of time for ANY reason and get 100% refund as long as you don’t damage the piece while it’s in your possession.


‘Replacement value’ is largely irrelevant as shopping information.



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