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Please Help!! (price)


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please let me know if this stone is worth $16,000 from a supposed a wholesaler...


EGL certified, not GIA... Is that bad?


Brilliant Round diamond

2.07 carat

color G

clarity VS1

Cut very good

fluorescense none

"slightly blue"




Is it worth $16,000???


Thanks for the help!!!!

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I don't think it is that great of a price, The way i look at it, this diamond is a GIA H-I SI1-SI2, and for that you can get better prices. Hope this helps.




Thanks for the info! I think you are right. I actually found another stone with similar characteristics except this time it is GIA certified...


Carat 2.02

color G

clarity VS1

cut very good

polish excellent

symmetry excellent

cloud none

fluoroscense none

Collet very small


He wants $22,500.... Worth it?

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Bone 143,


It is still a relatively "expensive" price, reflective of what is out there in the totality of similar cut quality and pedigree of certification.


I would "pass go and collect $200" :-) ;-)


Do the research and see for yourself...

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