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Eye Clean?


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‘Eye clean’ is not part of the GIA clarity grading scale. The problem is that this has to do with your eyes, with the lighting environment, with the setting etc. That said, most people are unable to see inclusions in correctly graded SI1’s from the face up position when seen under ‘normal’ viewing conditions. Most people start to see a trace of color at about I-J although for some this is as low as M and for others it’s as high as G.



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are you referring to the color or inclusions? if you want eye clean diamonds then VS1 or VVS2 is the one. :blink:


With princess cut diamonds an SI1 is eye clean.






How can you make a blanket assertion that "all SI1 princess cut diamonds are eye-clean"???


Certainly, as a jeweler, I'm sure you have seen SI1 graded princess cuts with visible inclusions to the naked (unaided) eye.


I know I have certainly seen princess cuts (of poor cut quality and light performance) that have had visible inclusions to the naked eye, even when graded by GIA as an SI1.


GIA doesn't make a stipulation to only grade "excellent cut/visually beautiful" diamonds.

Sure, they may be one of the top two grading labs in the world.

However, that doesn't preclude them from grading a piece of frozen spit being passed off as a diamond. :P

They will ...and they do.



Simply conduct an e-bay search for diamonds and I'm sure you will find many GIA graded SI1 princess cuts with visible inclusions.



I believe the answer is that it all depends on the cut quality of the stone.


A well cut princess diamond will have excellent brilliancy and light performance. This refracted brilliancy, will mask the viewers ability to see internal inclusions even in an SI1 graded diamond. This is one of the magical aspects of a diamonds' "cut".



Conversely, if the stone is a swindled cut with poor light performance (a.k.a. - a diamond that looks absolutely dead and lifeless...and Lord knows there are many of those being sold on the market..) then it doesn't matter if Tolkowsky himself graded the diamond, it will still have visible inclusions in an SI1.



Of course, the previous poster is correct as well. That is to say; if you wish to avoid any uncertainty and the "headache" involved in acertaining the cut quality of the diamond (although I am unsure why any customer would not do this crucial and vital research before making a purchase of this magnitude..), then you can pay more for a VS or VVS graded stone with the confidence that (at the very least) it will indeed face up eye-clean.

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