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White Diamond Turning Yello


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Hi everyone,

The white diamond in my engagement ring is turning yellow. Colour F-G, 1 carat princess cut, 4 prong setting. Not sure if you need anything else?


I noticed it yellowing over the past couple of months, last night I took it to the jeweller to have it cleaned and inspected. After cleaning, I asked her if it looked a bit yellow to her - and she said yes, she actually thought it was a yellow diamond with very light colouring. Now this is just the salesperson, she's not a qualified gemologist or anything, but she noticed it was yellow as well.


Please tell me, how does a white F-G diamond turn so yellow in 3 years?


And also, what do I do about it?



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No, diamonds don’t change colors.


That said, the next step is deciding what really is happening. Almost always it’s about the cleaning. Small pieces of crud get under the stone and can reflect throughout the piece giving it the appearance of more color. It can be damn hard to clean this stuff out. Most working shops have the right tools to do it but a quick run through the ultrasonic in the showroom may not be sufficient.


The other possibility is that the metal, especially the prongs, may be picking up a tarnish or stain that’s giving them a yellower look. As with the above, this can reflect around in the stone and it can pick up color. The solution here is a polish job and possibly a rhodium plating on the prongs and, as with the above, pretty much any working shop is prepared to do it for a modest price.



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I'd lean toward a cleaning issue.. I don't know what you do or what lotions / cosmetics you wear, but we have a customer that comes in once a month to have her rings cleaned.. We actually need to soak them in a light acid bath to get all of the buildup off of them, a quick trip through the ultra sonic isn't enough to clean them..

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The middle Diamond in my 5 stone engagement ring has changed colour too, I noticed it about a year ago & thought the diamond had been swapped while in for cleaning & rhodium plating & last week I had it re plated & cleaned elsewhere & it still looks yellow.

A friend advised me to steep in Alcohol, IE, Vodka or Gin, which I tried & it looked sparkling clean but still looks a yellowish colour.


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I think there could be two reasons, may be the diamonds are not real or secondly the setting has not done properly. You should go to the vendor and ask them for the solution.

The vast majority of the popular fakes, like cubic zirconia and moissanite, don't spontaneously change color either.  Improper setting won't show up as bad color and certainly not as a CHANGE in color.  That said, the original vendor is always a good place to bring up problems and concerns.  

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