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Grading Of Cut

Bernard Y

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Hi everybody,


thank you to all who have been so kind as to share their knowledge on diamonds on this site. Special thanks to Barry, Neil and John.


After going through the various posts on this board, I have found myself better equipped to navigate the world of diamonds.


I have just made a purchase (Round, Brilliant) with GIA Cut report of "Excellent". I understand that other respected labs such as AGS have their equivalent of GIA's "Excellent" Cut, expressed under another denomination.


What I don't seem to understand is the grading of Cut utilized by some retailers to describe some of the gems they have (eg: Blue Nile's "Signature Cut"). Some of these are advertised to be superior to GIA's "Excellent" grading. Is there any particular metric that these retailers use to determine such a grading?


Any insight is appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




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Dealers can, and many do, create their own cut grading or any other scale for whatever they want. The burden of proof is on them to demonstrate that their opinion of grading should be useful to you and the default answer is ‘no’. Assigning a good name and calling something ‘super excellent tolkowsky ideal’ means nothing without explanation and a scale that isn’t transparent is worse than useless.



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