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What About This Oval Diamond


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I am looking at purchasing an oval diamond (set in platinum) from a jeweler on-line that was recommended by Forbes magazine. Some have told me that I should make this kind of purchase at a high-end jeweler like Tiffany's. I'm not so sure as I'm aware there is a price for paying for a name. I would like a diamond that is bright and sparkly. The setting I'm considering is a split-shank with 2 rows of 16 bead set brilliant cut diamonds.


The ring I found is 4.04 carats

F color

VS2 clarity

Very Good Polish

Good Symmetry

61.7% Depth

52% Table

No culet

No flourescence

Thin to slightly thick girdle

Shape and cutting style/oval brilliant

No Flourescence

Measurement - 12.48 x 9.17 x 5.66


After doing my "homework", it seems like this is a good diamond. Do you think this is a quality diamond? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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All Fancy shapes have to be seen. You can't properly evaluate these fancy shapes just by reading off the numbers from a lab grading report.


Forbes recommendation speaks to the Vendors business integrity, not the quality and face up appearance of the diamond.


You can have two Ovals with the same exact measurements and specs and they will look very different.


You're spending big bucks, don't buy blind.

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That's a big, high quality stone. If I were you I'd be looking to buy something online (to save money) and have it appraised independantly (to verify it's accurately graded, a good value and ensure it's an attractive cut). Yes you can buy from Tiffany's and yes the majority of their diamonds are quite nice, however you'll spend twice as much.


If you buy from someone who simply drop ships the diamonds to you from outside vendors and never looks at the diamond, be prepared to exchange it several times until you and your appraiser are happy with it.


Platinum is a fussy metal to work with and it sounds like you have your heart set on a specific design, most diamond drop shippers can't be bothered making custom rings.


These are all issues you'll have to overcome if you wish to get the best value as well as an attractive diamond in a perfect custom ring.


Best of luck,


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