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Tilted Setting...


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I just bought a ring and I noticed when I brought it home that the setting is slightly tilted so the diamond is more forward, or backward depending on how you look at it. I wasn't sure if this was typical, so it goes better with a band, or if my ring is flawed.

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I tried a picture but you couldn't really see, so I made an illustration of it, a little more exaggerated but you'll get the idea better that way. One is looking from the side the other from the top.


I'm very new to jewelry in general, did my research more on the diamonds and I like the one I got, and I like the setting, but I didn't notice this when I was shopping.


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What you're describing sounds like the head is tilted where it meets the shank. Have you discussed it with your jeweler? By the way - make sure the prongs are holding the diamond securely just in case an impact caused the tilt.

I have not yet, is this an easy fix?

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Most things like that are fairly easy to fix but it depends a lot on the engineering of the ring and the details of how they built it. For a new item it doesn't much matter if it's difficult or not. You are entitled to a correctly made piece and you should hustle back to the store where you bought it, explain your problem and have them resolve it. An inspection by an independent expert may prove to be useful at some point in order to pick out issues that you may not notice but the first step is to inspect it yourself for exactly this sort of thing and work directly with your jeweler to fix it.



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