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My Story That Needs To Be Told About Rockdoc


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My name is Loriann, I met Bill about 11 yrs ago in a FL chat room, I was in Maine and going thru a messy divorce.


He and I started chatting and one this led to another and we met in person, It was true love and No one to this day will ever love me the way he did.


He proposed to me and gave me a wonderful ring. Long story short I got cold feet because of the age difference and soon broke it off.


I went on to marry another man and have 2 children.


After several yrs I felt the strong need to contact him again as I felt so much was left with no closure for either of us.


We made contact. Had a few phone calls and emails. We both agreed that our feelings had never changed. He told me once that he would never marry because he was married to me in his heart.


last week I checked my email and noticed he had not written since June 7 and I also noticed that he was never on Yahoo msg. I shrugged it off to him being on a trip or something.


Today while I was doing dishes I turned around and I know this sounds crazy but a vision of him quickly appeared in my kitchen, My heart sunk and I ran to the computer to search his name and I found this site where it told of his death.


I am crushed beyond words, My heart has broken into un repairable pieces. I have no one to tell my story to and I felt the need to post here since this is where I got his information from to reconnect with him a few yrs ago, and it was this place that i learned of his passing.


I do not know how I will ever get over this as I just want him to know so bad how much he really meant to me and how much I loved him.


I wish I could just see him one more time.



Thanks for listening




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He died of natural causes. Tragically, he simply did not get to a hospital when he needed to. Loriann if you knew him you probably knew of his family situation. They interred him in a small ceremony in Florida last week. I am sorry for your loss. He was loved by many.


More information and some perspective you may enjoy...






The JCK article reported his age as 57 but the family returns that he was 59. Either way - too soon. RIP Bill.

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