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Lucious Lime Beaded Sterling Silver Bracelet


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Luscious lime with pearl and sterling silver beads. It's a "kick butt" bracelet but her attitude is kept in check by the pearls and bali sterling silver swirly beads which subdue her just a touch.


She is not for fashion wimps because she makes a bold peridot kind of statement.


This will go with spring green, lime green, chartreuse, yellow, lime green, gold, blue green, white, peridot and just about any green or yellow you can throw at her. Why just looking at her puts me in the mood for some lime sherbert.


I have to 'fess up to something. One of my customers actually had a hand in this design. She wanted a lime bracelet with attitude but with more pearls and silver. I made one for her and loved it so much I had to make another. It's different since no two are exactly the same. But I had to give DJ some creative credit.


DESCRIPTION: Sterling Silver Bali Beads and spacers, Sterling handmade toggle, Freshwater pearls, faceted crystal, colored shell beads, 14kt gold plated beads plus crackle beads, glass and peridot colored.


LENGTH: 7.5", this one can be adjusted to a little larger or little smaller. 1-, 2- or 3-strand can be custom made to your wrist size.


SIZE: The bracelet is standard 7.5" closed. Strung on heavy duty plastic coated stainless steel wire for durability.


SHIP: I use priority, the small box which is about $5.


This item can be custom made for one strand, two or three. I can make one shorter or longer. No two bracelets are exactly the same but if you want one custom, I will come as close as possible.


Listings to prove I'm legit


Price: $ 56

Ship: $5






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Nice bracelet but I think it is easily lost because of the lock.


Yah me too.. don't like the lock... but i like the color.. :unsure:



Yes, the color is cool in eyes


The clasp holds well on this one because I made myself one and did the R&D. And it's popular with some but not with others. So I make some with a toggle like this one that I made for someone last week. But I do appreciate your feedback. It's very nice of you to let me know. Jewelry is a very personal thing and I think it has to speak to you.





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You're so creative. I saw the other design dispalyed on your website, it's beautiful but like what I've said, some of the bracelet has been easily lost because of the design of the lock.


Well, all I can tell you is that people who have one haven't lost it yet. What I've noticed that is interesting is that people who really like the first one posted, don't like the second. And those who like the second one, don't like the first.


In fact, some only want one strand and others think that I should only make three strand. I am glad people like different things. Because it would not be much fun making them all the same. That would be so boring.

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