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The Passing Of Bill 'rockdoc' Lieberum


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Bill Lieberum, aka Rockdoc was a friend and colleague for many of us in the jewelry and appraisal business and for regulars at this and other forums.


I’m sad to report that Bill passed away at his home in Boca Raton Florida after an extensive illness. His death is a great loss to all who knew him.


May God grant him peaceful rest and comfort those he leaves behind.



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For any who did not have the chance to know him, Bill was well known for his expertise in gemological and legal circles. He was a long-time contributor to internet education about gemstones, jewelry and appraising.


More than anything, Bill loved to share his considerable knowledge - talking and answering questions with anyone and everyone - extremely generous with his time. He was a teacher, a perfectionist and above all, someone completely dedicated to the things he loved and passionately committed to sharing those things with others.


The trade has lost one of its most enthusiastic members and many of us have lost a friend. He will be missed.

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This is indeed sad news.


Every one of my interactions with "Rockdoc" was always lively. He was one of those individuals who was never afraid to speak his mind, always drawing from his amazing knowledge, and always eager to share it to make us all more informed.


We will miss him greatly.

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That was a wonderful write up and made me smile because it really hit the spot in describing the Rockdoc that I knew as well. I heard about Bill's passing on Monday. At the time I took a moment to reflect on some of the many conversations I had with him and some of the things I had taken from them. We shared an interest in rare colored stones and he shared stories of some of his more prized collectibles with me, I always enjoyed that. Bill will definitely be remembered and missed by many.

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I am sorry for reviving a old thread, but man, I just came across this about to tell someone to try and contact him because they to are local, but worried about the 'deal' they found online. He helped me with a stone I got from MidWestGems back in 1999ish when I was worried about buying online (he was local to me and offered to receive the stone at his business and re-appraise it). Everything checked out great and he actually felt the cert (EGL) was done very conservatively. It was a really nice stone, I was happy.


Gave me a nice tour of his place and showed me a lot of neat rocks.


Great guy.

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