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Need Opinions On This Diamond Please~~~


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I have been shopping for a diamond for a couple of months now and have realized that it is a very difficult task... ;)

I found a diamond at Bluenile with the following grades:

Round brilliant

Carat: 1.59

Color: H

Clarity: VS1

Polish: excellent

Symmetry: excellent


Measurements: 7.54 - 7.58 x 4.59 mm

table: 56%

total depth: 60.7%

crown height: 15.5%

pavilion depth: 43%

cutlet: none

crown angle: 35%

pavilion angle: 40.8%

girdle: thin-medium(faceted)


The diamond seems to be very clear in the GIA report but has one "crystal" at the center of the stone.. What exactly is a crystal, and is it usuallly visible to the naked eye? Also, would the crystal get in the way of the diamonds shine and brilliance?

I attached a copy of the GIA report~!!

Overall, does this diamond seem to have an "ideal" cut ? and good qualities?



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GIA graded it ‘excellent’ in cut, which is their top grade of 5. This is not exactly the same as ‘ideal’, which is AGS’s top grade of 11 but there’s a fair amount of overlap and it’s a pretty good hint that it has a nice cut. There are more specific tests available to get down to the details but the numbers look good so far and it’s likely to be a lovely stone.


A crystal is a diamond inside the diamond. A small diamond grew and then yours grew around it. A properly graded VS1 crystal will not be visible with the naked eye and it will have no significant affect on either the durability or light behavior of the stone.



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