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Lazare Diamonds


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It will both depend on the diamond and on what qualities you are looking for. There is no short answer to this any more than there is a short answer to who is the best painter.



oh, my qualities are referring to the clarity, color and cut. ;)


Color and clarity will be commensurate. As for cut it depends on the individual diamond, as well as what you're looking for, personally.

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fyi - tiffany gets its stones from several suppliers, one of their main suppliers is Rand:



Tiffany has a % stake in rand i believe as well, so in part you can say tiffany owns Rand. Rand also distributes these "tiffany quality" diamonds to select high end retail jewelers as well but Tiffany is their biggest buyer of goods.



I was considering carrying this line of diamonds myself, still haven't made up my mind yet. But they are considered "Ideal" cut, just how ideal I don't really have any information on yet. But their product is also unique in that they give you a birth cirtificate with the diamond showing what the rough looked like and what it originally measured/weighed, who cut your diamond, etc, etc. It's kind of a neat thing, I like it. Rand can supply this type of document because they own the mine and have complete control over the the stone from when it's plucked out of the earth to when it gets it's final polish on the wheel.


If you have a chance to compare a Lazare and a Tiffany or even a Rand I'd love to get your feedback and to know which you chose and why. However I think you'll find all are beautifully cut, just a matter of personal preference of which stone appeals to you more, which store you want to shop in, what type of paperwork you want it to come with and what type of box you want included with your purchase :) I don't think you can go wrong with either.


Kind Regards,




so, what are the differences between tiffany's diamonds and lazare's diamonds??? ;)
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