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Ok Made My Decision...here It Is!


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ok here it the final purchase. i just put my downpayment on the ring this afternoon. after many long days and weeks of the search i have found the perfect stone for me. let me show ya guys the specs and the price and the whole shabang!


GIA cert

square modified brilliant

6.54 x 6.53 x 4.76

1.7 carats

color E

clarity SI1

polish VG

symm g

flourescene none

culet none

70% table

72.9% depth


key: feather cavity indented natural natural extra facet


the table is perfectly clear as well as the surface, there is a small natural on the backside of the diamond in the extreme corner, but man this ring is pretty as all heck!


price: 12,200!!!



white gold, cathedral, v shape mount, with the small v prong sets, going to be a cathedral type ring with 6 princess diamonds on each side on the way down accounting to .55 carat.


price 625


total price: 12825


dealer : Frank salese diamonds, and the gentlemands name is massamino.

best dealer i met through the whole shopping experience and provided to me by the find my jeweler site!


thanks so much to everyone who helped out and to this great site



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