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Looking For Engagement Ring - Is This A Good Idea?


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I am looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I am very interested in purchasing the diamond through an online vendor due to the cost savings. Ideally I'd like to purchase the loose diamond and have it set in a ring that I would buy from a local jeweler (there is a store close to me that has a setting I really like). I would have the stone appraised before it is set.


I guess I have 2 questions:


1. I have heard that Bricks and Mortar stores are not big fans of consumers buying diamonds online. Is there any chance that an appraiser would not provide an accurate appraisal if the stone was bought online (is there even any way that an experienced appraiser can even tell if it was bought online - I hear that some online companies inscribe their name on the stone)


2. I have also heard that some jewelers do not like to set a stone if you did not buy it from them (let alone from an online vendor). I am just worried that a local jewler will do a poor job setting the stone if they knew that I bought the diamond online.


Any help would be appreciated. And thank you for all the great informaton on this site - it has been very helpful.

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Jewelers, like all merchants, would like you to buy as much as possible from them so it’s not surprising that they would be a little disappointed to learn that you are shopping at their competitors but it’s foolish to decline your setting and repair work over a diamond sale that they already lost. Yeah, there's a few fools out there but this is good evidence that you don't want to be shopping there anyway. If you really have any evidence at all to support that they have a double standard of work quality, one for items purchased there and one for items inherited or purchased elsewhere, you should run for the door. They don’t deserve your business. There are plenty of jewelers who are tickled to do your work whether you bought the stone somewhere else, inherited it, or are just restyling from a piece that you want changed. This is a profitable little piece of the business and there’s no reason to spoil your shopping experience by dealing with a bunch of whiners who can't deal with the fact that they live in a competitive world.


The issue with the appraiser is pretty much the same. Branding by the merchant, lab or manufacturer on the girdle of the diamond is not a problem and is often a handy feature for the appraiser (and you) because it helps to identify a particular stone. If you feel that the appraiser has a conflict between their desire to sell you something and their ability to write an accurate and useful report about what you have, you need to choose another appraiser. If true, this is inexcusable behavior for the appraiser but even the appearance of a conflict can be a problem. Consider an appraiser who doesn't sell diamonds, gemstones or jewelry.



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Thanks Neil


Great reply. I would like to add, that in today’s diamond world you make a bigger profit in the setting then with the diamond, so the jeweler should be happy that you are purchasing the setting by them. What do you say Neil.




I agree - if you keep on good terms with the jewler you should get the diamond you want.


Christopher Freville

Boulder, CO

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