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Help With Princess Cut Please


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Im shopping for an engagement ring soon. $8500 budget princess cut 1.0-1.20 carat, g-h color, vs1-vs2 clarity, cut not quite sure which is one of my questions, and platinum diamond settings. From what ive been reading AGS is the only lab to fully trust when it comes to princess cut grading. Should i only be looking at ideal cuts? Can i go lower quality or different lab to gain a larger stone within my budget? I may be purchasing this online and dont find many sites that use AGS. whiteflash.com is the only one ive found that has diamonds that meet all the criteria. They seem reputable, any comments? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. This is alot of money and i dont want to regret my purchase later. Thanks.

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There exist and can be found beautiful Princess cuts out there that are not AGS lab graded; for example such as graded by GIA.


There are many combinations of Table, Crown, and Pavillion that fall outside AGS designation of "Ideal" for this shape, but nonetheless result in beautiful, sparkly face up diamonds. Going by the "numbers"alone guarantees that you may very well pass up on a beauty of a diamond. Skilled diamond Cutters know how to manipulate and align facets so that the totality of the finished diamond is a beaut even though the 'external' numbers may suggest otherwise.


Shopping online presents it's own unique dilemma as to how you can "see" and verify this; especially since the vast majority of Princess Cut listings (if not all of them) are not owned or physically in the possession of the Internet Diamond Vendor but are Virtual Diamond (VD) listings supplied by the Manufacturer-Wholesaler.


Your best recourse is to find a Vendor that will call in the diamond for you and work it up with photo's, Cut analysis, and light performance metrics.


We carry and list a large Inventory of AGS Ideal Princess Cuts on our Exceldiamonds website and I can tell you from personal inspection that even within the AGS Princess Cut "Ideal" grading system there exists variance and qualitative differences in the face up sparkle and brilliance between these stones. The AGS grading range is that broad. In our own Showroom we have seen clients compare AGS vs. non-AGS and then opt for and purchase the non AGS Ideal graded Princess Cuts based on their visual inspection and comparisons.

Keep in mind that two diamonds with the same exact "numbers" may look significantly different to you in the face up position. This is due to the facet size, facet angles, and facet alignments orchestrated by the Diamond Cutter that is not conveyed by the few numbers provided on the lab grading report.


Good Luck in your Search.

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A beautiful diamond can be sent to any lab for grading. Cutters and manufacturers are smart people and send a diamond where it will earn the best marks. As the strictest major labs, the AGS and GIA are where most high quality diamonds are sent. They are equal in regard to color and clarity. The AGS has stricter requirements for cut and finish, but top cut diamonds may also be sent to the GIA because it's a more globally recognized lab.


On the internet we feel the AGS Ideal grade in light performance is a comfort to consumers. That is why we send our signature line to AGSL for grading. We send many diamonds to the GIA for grading as well. They are both first-rate. You may be pleased to know that reputable sellers who focus on cut-quality as their highest priority can go much farther than either of these fine labs in their personal assessments and requirements. There can be variance even within the AGS Ideal grade so its in a seller's best interest to maintain a strict set of proven paradigms with regard to inventory. That consistency drives referrals and repeat business. Along those lines, your best option is to work with professionals you trust; whether that's a seller of good reputation, an independent appraiser, or both.

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