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Moms 25th Anniversary


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Hello All. My mother is trying to find a 25th Anniversary ring. She is looking on this one website called www.outrageousdiamonds.com & Everest Diamond through E-Bay. The one she is looking at just so happens to be on E-bay. I've been looking on diamond.info for some tips and advice and now I have a few questions. I dont want her to get stiffed. I was reading that princess cut diamonds are not certified by GIA. Well, this website claims it is. I want to see what some of you have to say about this diamond / website. All the information is below. Advice would be greatly appreciated.






SKU: 155086

Center Stone Type:DIAMONDCenter Stone Depth:76.1Center Stone Table:69Center Stone Girdle:TKCenter Stone Culet:NCenter Stone Polish:GCenter Stone Symmetry:GCenter Stone Flourescense:NTotal Gem Weight:1.41Center Stone Clarity:VS2Center Stone Carats:1.01Center Stone Color:F/GCenter Stone Cut:Square, PrincessSide Stone Type:DIAMONDSide Stone Clarity:VS/SISide Stone Color:G/HMetal:Gold, WhiteMetal Carats:14KMetal Color:WHITEJewelry Measurements:5.18-5.33x3.94Ring Size:0

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