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Help Finding The Right Emerald Cut Diamond


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You may be tired of these, but I need some help finding the right stone. I have a budget of around 4000-4500.


I have found the band that I want to get. It is shown in the picture above and is ~500, so that leaves me with 3500-4000. I am 95% sure that I want an Emerald cut diamond. I would like it to be around 1.0ct (give or take a wee bit). I'm assuming that this is a fairly decent size, esp. considering I'm still in school and the size that my gf would want (Also, my gf's ring size is 7.5).


I've read tons on different sites about picking a diamond, and I'm still confused. I can say that the two major pearls of wisdom I've picked up are : 1)You can't tell enough about a diamond with numbers or a grading, 2) higher color and clarity grades don't always play out to be a better stone...you just have to look at them.


Given that, I'd like to know what I should be looking for, so I'd like to give you some info and see what you think.

*I've tried the "find online jeweler" and that seems somewhat helpful.

*Given my budget constraints, I am leaning toward using a seemingly reputable online shop (i.e. union, blue nile, etc.) to get a lower price on the diamond.

*My gf only cares about "eye clear". If the diamond shines and looks bright and white to her, she would be fine with it. This has lead me to consider going as low as I on color, if it's the right diamond.

*Again, eye clear...if there aren't distracting flaws to the naked eye, she would be fine with it. This has led me around the VS2, S1 area for clarity...though I've read that emerald cuts show flaws more easily.

*I don't know much about the other measurements really. Is a "good" rating enough for polish and symetry or should I look for a better (very good, excellent, etc.) rating? What should I be looking for depth/table and girdle?

* I do know that I want an emerald with a ratio around 1.5


Basically, I know what I want (a ~1ct emerald cut diamond that is eye clear and has good shine for $3500-4000), but I don't know where to go with it now so that I don't have to just trust what the shop sends me and hope I don't have to send it back (though the 30-day return policy is confronting somewhat).


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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HI Bsherman3,

Sounds like you've been getting some decent advice.

$3500 is a lot of money, but when shopping for a one carat diamond, it's not going to allow a whole lot of selection.


"Eye clear" ( or "eye clean" is something that can not be determined by looking at anythi9ng OTHER than the diamond.

Your point about not being able to tell much based on a GIA report is especially true concerning emerald cuts, and eye clean.

There are actually VS Emerald cut stones that have a visible spot, and I1's that are eye clean.

For this reason, I'd street clear of any site selling off a list.

Neither of the sites you mention has any idea what the diamonds on their list look like in person.


Above is an I1 emerald cut with a visible white feather in the middle of it.



Below is a diamond graded E/SI2 by GIA. Such a diamond would fit into your price range.

In this case the imperfections are nestled in such a way that they really can't be seen naked eye.


Bottom line for me is that you can find what you're looking for- but make sure the seller can give you enough information that you won;t be "buying blind"

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You're asking for a "clean", "white" diamond, and for the least amount of money --- something everyone always asks for. This is a tricky thing... If you say "I want an emerald shape 1ct GIA VS2/H diamond" and search for the lowest bidder, this is something easily done by a broker of diamonds who lists virtual goods as you indicated. If you say you want a clean/white diamond that looks nice for the cheapest price possible this is something else completely. It's like shopping for a house, you want a real estate broker that will search high and low for the perfect home for you in your budget and will inspect it to make sure it's up to par and worth it's asking price. Shopping for diamonds is the same thing, all dealers are brokers more or less whose job it is to go out in the market place and get you a quality diamond for a fair price.


Whenever you're pushing the boundry of "white" and "clean" like the H-I-J and VS2-SI1-SI2 ranges to get your money's worth buying based on numbers along and sorting by lowest price and buying with no quality control always yields the worst results. Can you just buy the lowest price GIA VS2/H and be confident it will most likely be eye-clean and white? Sure, there's a good chance of that I would say. Will you be confident it's a well cut stone, and you got the best value for your dollar? Most likely not.


As mentioned by others you will need to work with a jeweler who will inspect the stone on your behalf and will make sure you get something you'll be happy with. Working with someone who has a generous return and upgrade policy always helps as well.


Best of luck,


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