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Seeing Budget Diamonds???


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I have read many of the posts on here, and one theme that is repeated over and over is that the buyer must see the diamonds to get a true feel for what it looks like, especially for certain shapes.


Given that many are working on a strict budget or just like to find a bargain, how can this be applied to some of the cheapest rocks available- those from online dealers?


Interested to read the responses.

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Good question.


The only way, IMO, is for you to have the Vendor call in the diamond and do a work up on it and send you photos, Cut Analysis, etc. Most importantly the Vendor gets to see and examine the rock and let you know if there are any Red Flags that are not discernible from the lab report alone.


Absent this type of service, the only thing you can really do is purchase the diamond, examine it yourself or hire an Appraiser to examine it for you. If it does not meet with your approval, send it back. On-line Vendors provide a return window ranging from 10-30 days, sufficient time to review and make a decision.

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