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Questionable Diamond


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I was shown a diamond at a local jeweler, and liked the look of it. Then I saw the certificate (EGL-Israel) and now I'm skeptical. Here are the specs...


1.20 cts.


princess cut


color - F


clar - VS2




depth - 77.2%


table - 77%


crown height - 11%


pavallion depth - 63%


girdle - med-s.thick


polish v. good


symm - v. good


cutlet - none


grain - nil


flour - none


The price is about $6000. I feel that I've educated myself fairly well on what to look for, but I'm pretty nervous I'll make a bad purchase as this is the first diamond I'll be buying. Any tips on where to go from here?




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EGL-Israel color and clarity grading is not on the same stringent, accurate level as that of GIA or AGS. Compared to GIA they're off by 1-2 grades.


So that means you're paying MORE for LESS.


I would pass on this one.

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Do a search using the tool at the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’. Don’t worry if you have no intention to buy online, you can use the tool anyway. We won’t tell.


Search for 1.20-1.30 H/VS2 Princess. You’ll get about 10 pages of offers. Click twice on the header of the price column and it’ll sort them by price for you in descending order. Click it again and it’ll sort from cheapest to most expensive. Ignore the bottom and top values if they don’t seem in range with the others just to rule out typos and such. I get results from about $5700 - $7500 this way so it would suggest you’ve got a good deal, right?


Do another search. Look for I/SI1 and do the same thing. Now the range is $3600-$5200 with a similar number of choices. Hmmm. That’s a single grade difference in clarity and color. Are you SURE it’s H/VS2? Why? Notice Barry’s comments about the lab. If it looks good to you and you still think it looks promising, hire an appraiser who is working for YOU, not for the jeweler. Tiny details can make a big difference.



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Thanks for the info guys. I went back to the jeweler and he claimed the diamond was from a US EGL lab. Well the certificate number is 2752150325, and from what I've found online that is not a number from a US lab. Am I correct in assuming that is indeed the case? The diamond does look nice, but at this point I'm ready to walk away if the jeweler wasn't truthful with me.


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