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Philip Noel, Are Their Diamond Prices Too Good To Be True? (ro Please)

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I just discovered this board, and this is my 1st post :-)


I have been searching for a pair of diamond stud earrings online, and I came across this online diamond jeweler / dealer, Philip Noel (website http://www.philipnoel.com)


They are selling a pair of 1ct total weight, H/I color, SI clarity studs for $1025, that's 1/2 of what bluenile.com charge ($2100) for the same size & quality stones.


Philip Noel studs


Blue Nile studs


So is this a case of "if it sounds too good to be true....", or is Blue Nile grossly overpriced? I would love to hear your thoughts & opinions.



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Great Question!


I'll start by saying, to give a complete answer, more information is needed. But, here is what I see offhand based on what you've written.


You gave a very general category of diamond specifications:


SI (SI1, SI2, or SI3?) and which grading house certified it? GIA? EGL? AGS? another gemological house? an in house certification?


Believe it or not, this alone could affect a diamonds price by literally 50%. A diamond graded at SI1 by GIA, could be almost double the price of a diamond graded SI3 by EGL, and in some situations, even more.


Also, is it H color, or I color? GIA will never give split grades. EGL will, lesser grading houses definatly will. This can affect price by 10%-30%.


Now, that being said, Philip Noel may be offering a great deal, even if the diamonds are slightly lower color/clarity/cut grade. But the price difference is probably due to these grading differences.


If you want, feel free to message us links to both items, (on blue nile, and on Philip Noel). We can take a look at both, and let you know more precisely what the difference is, besides the price ;)


Greg P


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