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Think This Is It, What Do You Think??


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had to lower my price a little from diamonds i was looking at in earlier posts. What do you reckon about this one. Are the cut proportions excellent? Little fluorescense but it's negligible.

thanks in advance for any advice,




you mean this 1.19cts is more cheaper?? :unsure:


personally, i don't like this b'cos of the H color. i prefer at least a G color. ;) btw, you didn't mention about the inclusions. :blink:

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Color is subjective. Most people however cannot see the difference between a G & H face up side by side. And well cut H faces beautifully white, in my opinion.


The VS2 clarity should guarantee you an eye-clean stone. So, there should be no worries there.


Often times there is a price per carat increase right at the 1.2 ct mark so anything just below that can provide an excellent value with the same size appearance.


This is likely a gorgeous diamond. And you have a reasonable money back guarantee to allow you time to inspect it and maybe get it appraised?

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