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Thoughts On Tiffanys And The Lucida


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I am new to the world of Diamonds and recently saw the following at Tiffany. I would really appreciate your candid advice and hope that you can help by answering some of the questions below.


Lucida Cut and 4 prong setting, VS1, 1.05 Carat, F Color, $14900


I have the following questions:


(1) How much do you estimate the Tiffany's premium to be? I have seen ranges from 25%-75% on postings


(2) How valuable is the Tiffany after sale service compared to online sellers?


(3) Has anyone seen similar cuts that are just as impressive e.g. the Lucere or Flanders (I have only seen these online but my impression is they are not as good as the Lucida)


(4) Does a Tiffany diamond hold greater value vs. other diamonds such as bluenile?


Just for background - I took my girlfriend with me (who is equally clueless about diamonds) and she absolutely fell in love with the Lucida cut. We were both in shock at the price tag. The Lucida is unique to Tiffany and is not available on bluenile and other sites (a similar princess or asscher cut on bluenile is $7000-8000 for the diamond only).


I know that I will have to pay a premium for Tiffany and the Lucida but would like to get a better idea of whether it is worth it for (a) the brand and (B) the cut.


Thank you all for your help!

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Lucida is a patented cut and how much of a premium is involved will depend on what you consider to be comparable. Asscher and square radiants and round ideals seem to be the standard alternatives but, if what you want is a Lucida, you have to buy a Lucida and the only place you can get one is at Tiffany’s (or a used Tiffany on the secondary market I suppose).


Use the link at the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’ and choose a few parameters. F/VS1/GIA/1.00-1.02 Asscher’s seem to go for about $4k-$6500 here. The same parameters in a round brilliant seem to run about $5-8k. The difference will depend on the cutting, the accuracy of the grading and the general policies of the dealer. In the case of rounds, there are more directly comparable goods available elsewhere and it makes it easier to separate out the additional cost for the premium you mention.


A 4 prong Tiffany style setting will depend on the setting and materials you choose but expect the mounting and the labor to set and size it to run you anywhere from $200 - $800 at most of the dealers.



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