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How Did I Do?


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I recently finalized the purchase of an engagement and wedding ring set. It is all in 14k white gold. The engagement ring is cathedral style setting with six channel set princess diamonds (three per side). The center stone head is a tall 14k four prong. The wedding band is 14k white gold with eight channel set princess stones. All of the channel stones in both bands (a total of 14) are G-I color, SI1-SI2, 2.5 mm each for a total weight of 1.21 carats. The total weight of the mountings is 6.3 DWT. Ring size is 9.


The center stone is an AGS certified Ideal 0 round brilliant diamond. The stats are as follows :


Measurements : 5.68 - 5.74 x 3.54 mm

Cut grade : AGS Ideal

Light performance : 0

Proportion factors : 0

Finish : 0

Polish : Ideal

Symmetry : Ideal


Color grade : AGS 3.0 (J)

Clarifty grade : AGS 5 (SI1)

Carat weight : 0.711

Fluorescence : negligible

pinpoints are not shown


Table : 55.3%

Depth : 61.9%

Crown : 15.4%

Pavilion : 42.8%

Girdle thickness : 1.7% - 3.9% (faceted)

Crown angle : 34.6 degrees

Pavilion angle : 40.7 degrees

culet : pointed


The stone is completely eye clean (to me). There are two small clouds at about 6:30pm and two small feathers at about 9pm on the table and four feathers at about 2:30-3:30pm on the pavilion (perhaps two are the same as the table feathers just larger and therefore visible from above?)


I paid $3800 (before tax) for the set and am interested in the opinions of the experts as to how I did. I should say that I am absolutely thrilled at the set as a whole and, more importantly, so is my fiance. The center stone is absolutely gorgegous and sparkles like no tomorrow. I compared it side by side with four other stones of roughly similar weight ranging to G color, AGS very good cut and VS2 clarity. The chosen stone was in my opinion the one with the most sparkle.

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Sounds like she is happy with it so i say you did a good job!! Congratz on the ring

That's the most important thing.


By the numbers you did fantastic on the center stone; the AGS Ideal light performance grade verifies what you're reporting about the way it performs. Best of all you're "thrilled." Congrats!

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