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Opinion Needed - Ring Bought In Nyc's Diamond District


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Hi all:


Unfortunately for me and my (future) finace, I didn't find this website before we bought my engagement ring. Looking back, I would have went for ideal cut, instead of very good, and something with fewer inclusions. This site is great, and chock full of great tips!


We bought the ring at a place called David S. Diamonds in NYC's Diamond District. The experience was pleasant enough, and the woman was knowledgable, and my future fiance was happy when she talked me out of something over 2 carats.


Would you take a look at what we bought, and let me know, if, in your opinions, we didn't get a great deal after all? Here are the specs of the stone:


GIA graded

Round brilliant

Measurements: 7.54 - 7.60 x 4.74 mm

carat weight: 1.71 carats

color: I

clarity: Si1

cut: very good

polish: very good

symmetry: very good

flourescence: none


table: 58%

star length: 50%

total depth: 62.6%

crown height: 15%

pavilion depth: 43.5%

cutlet: none

crown angle: 36%

pavilion angle: 41%

girdle: thin-slightly thick (faceted)

lower girdle/half length: 75%


I think the specs are pretty good, but I guess something I just noticed, that wasn't pointed out to us is that there is a feather on the very outter edge... I'll post a pic of the report, and the ring.


The ring is set in platinum, so that makes me feel better, and I hope the jeweler was smart enough to place the feather in a safe (safer) spot. I also guess they would have graded this lower if the feather was a real problem.


So, we ended up paying $11,000 for the stone and $1,000 for the setting. We didn't get to haggle, which is a big mistake on our parts, but I still hope that we didn't get ripped off too badly. And of course I still would love the ring just as much even if it's possible we did get ripped off a little. It's still a beautiful ring, and I got to design the band. (I was very happy to be involved in the design, since I'll be wearing this the rest of my life!) Side note, I still am not wearing the ring - we made a deal that if I was privy to the purchase, he could take his time and propose in a way that's special to both of us and when the time feels right. Can't wait to see it again though, I'm getting antsy!!


Any opinions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!



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It sounds like you like the diamond and the ring, and that says a lot.


A ‘great deal’ depends on the pedigree of the diamond, the market in which you made the purchase and the short and long-term benefits offered.


The pedigree is good from a numbers standpoint. In fact, this diamond would have earned the ‘excellent’ cut grade from GIA if it was not a bit overweight for its size. That’s the only minus: Because the diamond was cut with those angles and a girdle ranging to stk it ‘faces up’ like a 1.58 ct diamond cut to standard proportions. No reason to panic; it’s not severely overweight (slightly > 8% by GIA standards); just enough to drop it from EX to VG.


It sounds like you had a good purchasing experience. A relationship with a local jeweler is definitely worth something. Diamonds of this class and category are going for just over $10K from internet dealers. Spending a bit extra to have a “live†relationship is not out of line at all. Hopefully the seller’s purchase package/benefits are to your liking. It is terrific that you were involved in the design of the band. That's very special.


If the feather was not a problem during setting you should be ok (remember that diamonds were subjected to more extreme pressure and friction during sawing, bruting and cutting than they’ll ever see during wear). Nevertheless, be sure to have good insurace on the diamond and ring. Any diamond that's struck the wrong way can chip; feather or not.


Congratulations on the purchase and especially on the upcoming engagement. I bet you can’t wait to see it again. :)

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