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Question On Clarity Description

Jay Johnson

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I looked at a large stone recently and I wanted to simply post up what I saw and ask what the board opinion would be concerning the clarity.


The stone is a 5.25ct round diamond WHOPPER. I looked at the stone by eye out of the setting and I could see a

bright spot at the edge of the diamond. At first I wanted to wipe it off like there was a spec of something reflecting

some light on the diamond. I looked at this with a loupe and it basically looked like a crack. It was at the very outside

of the diamond(facing up) like it was starting from the girdle and pointed towards an area near the center of the stone.

The length of the feather was just about the size where a mounting prong could cover it up. A normal size prong for a

stone this size could completely cover it.


I looked in the loupe for a while, top and bottom, in different light and was not able to see anything else, though I'm

not an expert I spend a lot of time looking at details with a 10x loupe for my coin collecting hobby of 20years.


I'm using the pics form the tutorial on clarity found on this website. As luck would have it the size of the diamond pics

are basically the same size of the diamond that I looked at. The diamond is as big as my thumbnail.

The diamond looks like the pic for the VVS1-VVS2 except the flaw is at the outer edge near the girdle.


The diamond doesn't have a grading cert at this time.

This WHOPPER was impressive by it's sheer presence. The proportion don't seem unusual by eye, and the sparkle is

grand. The big drawback is that it's got a visible tint of light yellow facing up. Still light years better than the cloudy

rocks(4+carats) on the jewelers wives fingers that I've seen around.

I'm guessing somewhere around M-ish color(again, I'm not an expert). I'd love to have access to a color grading set.


It's great that the feather can be covered easily, but I'm wondering if what I've posted sounds like a clarity of VVS1-2? Or further down to VS1?

(if this feather is the only flaw in the stone).


Not trying to get ahead of myself(because it's MUCH more than I care to spend) but here's something I just thought of:

Let's say that the feather is the only flaw. I wonder if it would be financially reasonable to have the diamond re-cut to

remove this outer edge flaw, and get the clarity up to Internally Flawless. Maybe its carat weight gets reduced to

4.25ct??(like skinning off the outer surfaces) *AND* the stone can get into an Ideal Cut.

Any thoughts?



Jay Johnson

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1) Don’t buy 5 carat stones without expert assistance, even if you were personally an expert. Free advice on Internet forums doesn’t count.

2) Don’t have stones recut without expert assistance and a great deal of thought. It’s a way more complicated question than you are giving it credit for.

3) EVERY 5 carater has been inspected by a lab and has a ‘certificate’. The real question is why the seller and/or their supplier is choosing not to show it to you.


Your description of your clarity observations would suggest that it’s somewhere between SI1 and VVS2. Why are you considering getting into the cutting business instead of just buying the stone that you want?



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Yes... STOP! :) Before even contemplating a recut of anything that size please check ALL the current particulars; cut especially. 5+ ct diamonds are increasingly rare. Check out this recent report: Market Comments


It sounds like a unique stone with a nice warm color. Was it a good performer? Did you see colored flashes that complemented the color of the stone?


Grading is done under 10X, no matter how large the diamond is. This means inclusions in larger diamonds are more easily visible. Just about every SI diamond < 0.50 cts you see will be eye-clean, but as they get larger the characteristics may be more visible with the naked eye when the magnification is set aside.


Without actual physical examination this is just speculation, but if it was a feather the diamond likely isn’t VVS by GIA standards. Whether it’s in the VS or lower range depends on how noticeable the feather is at 10X and if there is an associated durability issue. This, as well as your recut query (gasp!) B) can be decisively answered by a trained pro who has the diamond in hand.

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5 Caraters are very much in demand and well cut ones even rarer.


Proper evaluation should be done with the diamond removed from the setting so that the entire stone can be carefully examined.


A competent Independent Appraiser is the way to go on this one.

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