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Ring Setting


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hi, may i know what type of ring setting is good? white gold, platinum or gold? ;)


All of them can be good. Yellow gold doesn't require plating, is very workable if you're having it custom made and rarely causes skin irritation. There is no such thing as 'white' gold: White gold alloys are simply yellow gold mixed with a metal that dilutes their yellow color. The most common WG is nickel white gold. However, nickel WG can cause skin irritation for people with nickel allergies. Another WG alloy is palladium WG. It's more expensive than nickel WG but easier to work with for jewelers and it rarely causes irritation. Both of these alloys require rhodium plating to have the very 'white' look associated with 'white' gold. In time, depending on wear, this plating wears through and the piece will need to be replated - but replating is a simple process and will probably occur about as often as a platinum piece will need to be repolished. There are new WG alloys, like Stuller's X-1, which are without and do not require rhodium plating. Not everyone is using them (yet?) so they are untested for longevity.


Common platinum alloys are versatile and very durable over time. Platinum is a soft metal, so it scratches more easily than gold, but its density gives it a unique characteristic: Scratches merely displace the metal; it is not lost. Over time microscopic scratches and dings give it a 'patina,' which dulls the finish slightly. The original shine can be restored by having it polished - and since the metal is so dense and durable it can be repolished over and over again. The best platinum alloys are more expensive than gold and palladium.


950 Palladium is another alloy that is gaining popularity. It's often between WG and platinum in pricing. Unlike palladium WG it has enough palladium content (95% by weight) to be white without rhodium plating. However, its not as common as the more 'conventional' WG and platinum alloys.

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i heard people said that diamond set in gold isn't going to be very beautiful. :lol:


Pish-posh. Diamonds in gold settings are classic and timeless.


Some people do warn against setting a colorless diamond (DEF) in a yellow gold setting. This is because a diamond absorbs and reflects back the color of its surroundings. The logic there is; "why pay the colorless premium if the setting will prevent it from looking its most icy-white?"


We educate our clients but believe this is a personal decision, to be left up to the buyer (you know, kind of like fear-of-feathers). :rolleyes:

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