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Princess Diamond Price


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I am looking to buy a princess cut diamond for an engagment ring.


Color: G

Clarity: SI2

Ct.: 1.0

Depth: 64%-75%

Table: 62%-74%

Certificiation: GIA, EGL, AGS


I have done quite a bit of looking around and have seen a variety of prices. Anywhere from $4000 to $5800. From what I have found, it seems that for a good deal I should expect to pay around $4000 to $4800. I dont want to buy online. Is this a good price range to expect? If not, what price range should I expect?


Also, I have looked at some diamonds that are not certified. The diamond will be used in the engagment ring and is not intended to be an investment to sell down the road. I have noticed that he non-certified diamonds are less expensive, but I am also aware that the specs given on a non-certified diamond may be a little suspect. With this in mind should I stay away from non-certified diamonds, or is it alright to buy non certified diamonds?


Thanks for any and all feedback.

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Do NOT buy a diamond that does not have a lab grading report.


This has nothing to do with purchasing for investment and everything to do with possibly having to enter a claim with your Insurance company if your ring is lost, stolen, or damaged.


Having a diamond with either a GIA or AGS lab grading report will go a long way in protecting you.

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