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New Here And Need Advice On Idea


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Hello everyone,


Just joined, been spending awhile reading and I need some help

on something.

Both my Girlfriend and I are on our "Second time around" and now we are looking

at rings.. We have found a mount we like (Plat w/1.1ct of diamonds on the side, very beautiful)

And the mount is affordable for us. Now the Diamond part..

We would really like a nice VS1/VS2 F/G 2.0ct center stone, but due to funds,

that will be something we will save for.

So, my question would be, looking at all the different diamond sims (There are many)

We would like to get a 2.0ct sim and replace it down the road.. NO IDEA which

one would be better then the other..

I personally am looking for durability, scratch resistance, brilliance, etc..


Any help would be appreciated.. Just looking to do it even better the second time..

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The more common substitutes are synthetic Cubic Zirconia and synthetic Moissanite. Glass and CZ are popular in costume and stage jewelry. Moissanite is more expensive. All of the simulants have characteristics to distinguish them from diamond; primarily differences in dispersion, weight or single vs double refraction. As for hardness, CZ is an 8.5 on the Mohs scale. Moissanite is 9.25. The distance between 9 and 10 is vast however, so saying a sim is ‘almost as hard’ as diamond is a misnomer.


If diamond is your ultimate goal another option I'd suggest is to select a trusted seller with an unlimited 100% trade-up program. Then you can trade-up as you’re able. It might require starting small, but you could have the real deal if that’s meaningful to you, and experience several 'let's find our new diamond' hunts together.


There are couples who choose stones or rings adorned with another gemstone. Others choose plain bands. Others may have something else, unique to them. Diamond’s popularity is due to the notion of its permanency and natural origins. Each diamond crystal took millions of years to form deep in the earth, each polished stone was created from rough natural rock and each diamond is entirely unique. This is more of a romantic notion than man-made imitations, which is the reason sims appeal to a limited market. Nevertheless the 'right choice' is up to you and there are unlimited options.


Best wishes on the second time around. ;)

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There are really only 3 different diamond substitutes currently on the market although there are quite a few minor choices.


Cubic Zirconia. This is the biggest by a lot. It’s pretty, it’s pretty hard and it’s inexpensive. It’s been on the market since the 70’s and it replaced pretty much everything that preceded it. The vast majority of what you see is now CZ and they are available at most jewelers, department stores, discount stores and lots of websites. The quality of material ranges a little bit and the quality of cutting ranges a lot depending on what supplier you choose. Be aware that there are a lot of companies selling branded CZ with their own proprietary name in the hopes of separating themselves from the rest of the market. Prices range from under a dollar a carat to several hundred at the most expensive places. $10/ct. will get you a good one at most jewelry stores. Branded stones at expensive dealers can go as high as $100/ct. Keep them clean and be careful with how you wear them and they hold up for years under normal wear. Under constant wear, expect to need replace the stone every 3-5 years.


Coated and/or treated CZ. There are a couple of companies now selling CZ that has a thin coating or surface treatment that is supposed to improve the durability and extend that 3 year replacement cycle. What this treatment is, whether it works or not and who has it vs. who is just pretending to have it are all hotly debated topics. There’s been quite a bit of discussion in the forum about this if you read through the old posts and I don’t especially care to get into it. Perhaps others will. They seem to go for about $100-$200/ct.


Synthetic Moissonite. This hit the market in the 90’s and is still struggling to find a niche. It’s quite a bit more expensive, looks less like natural diamond to most people but it’s distinctly more durable and it does have a certain unique beauty to it. The tradeoff is kind of an individual decision but, as with the coated stones, the premium is pretty high. Most jewelers can get them, the late night TV folks are doing well with them and there’s quite a bit on ebay and the like. Expect to pay $300/ct or so.


Just out of curiosity, if you're budget driven on this project (like most of us), why are you buying platinum? You might consider a 'downgrade' to 14k and put the savings in the fund for your diamond. It's likely to be a considerable start.



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Good points by Neil.


Standard CZ's should do the trick for you. Proper maintenance will extend their wear life.


One of the better cut quality CZ's that comes to mind is "Rostar". There are others.


Ask your Jeweler.


IMO, no need to go for the "coated" CZ's as there is no current evidence that this 'coating' preserves and extends the whiteness or wearability of the stone.


Good Luck.

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If you want to stay with a natural gemstone you might also take a look at White Topaz or even White Sapphire.. I'm a huge fan of using them as replacements for diamonds and they are great stones in their own rights..


I agree. For a bridal piece, I would stay away from topaz for durability reasons but white sapphires can be quite lovely for very reasonable prices.



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