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Bluenile Experience With $5000 Engagement Ring

Rocky C

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Hey guys, figured I'd post this on here since I've been using this site as a reference for online places for a mens wedding ring...


I purchased my fiancees engagement ring at BlueNile... I chose them because i wanted a great price on a high quality diamond. I was very specific... I wanted a 1ct emerald cut diamond, color D... no less than VS2 quality with dimensions that made it look as big as possible...


The one thing I found about BlueNile verses many other online venders was that others appeared to have better prices but BlueNile has a better selection of HIGH-quality diamonds. I was able to find a 0.94ct diamond, color D, VS1 with great proportions (Length vs width vs height is really important on an emerald cut) so it looks bigger than 1ct... set in a unique tiffany style band for my price range of $5000. This is an awesome looking ring... perfectly clear, huge looking...


and my fiancee loved it! it came with the gia certification documents, etc.


Couldn't be happier.



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Congratulations. I look forward to seeing pictures.




It appears that everyone here seems to not be certain about blue niles reputation. I was looking at buying from them seeing that their prices seemed to be decent with a good selection of diamonds and they use GIA. Please advise.




Yes, their prices are decent with a good selection and they and their suppliers sometimes use GIA.


Many people have significantly more demanding standards than that.



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When you received the certification, was the certification laminated?


I'm curious as to why you ask.


Because,if a cert is not laminated,it could be suspect of alteration.All Blue Nile certs are laminated and authentic.I had a great Blue Nile experience!! They are a reputable vendor. There are people out there that do not like Blue Nile,for various reasons. Being considered the 800 pound gorilla can make you a lot of envious enemies. Not having actual photos of there diamonds,no light performance info,(ASET,Ideal scope),no upgrade policy.SARIN reports,which are available but not online.ect...

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SARIN reports and many of the like, IMHO, are a waste of time. I've seen reports that say the diamond should be gorgeous when it's not, and ones that say so-so, when it's beautiful. hit your high-notes of Color, Clarity and Cut grade (EX or VG) and look for EX or VG in Polish and Symmetry, and you're golden. Yes, there are ideal ranges for things, but ultimately, the exact numbers don't matter--you don't wear the cert, you wear the diamond. and if it's gorgeous, the numbers don't matter so much! so don't get hung up on them!

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PEOPLE! PLEASE! Read the forum rules regarding advertising. I suspect that the last few posts have been attempts to circumvent and the links have been removed. Advertising is NOT permitted in the forum. You may assist any individual with a specific need, but linking to your sites as an attempt for blanket advertising is a no-no. Thank you.

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