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Advice On A Few Diamonds


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I am a novice when it comes to diamonds. I understand the 4Cs to some extent, but most sales people probably drool when they see me.

I wanted some feed back on a few items before I made a purchase.

These are 2 different items from 2 different B&M stores. I don't feel comfortable buying online


1st - loose stone HOF .89 Ct, H, SI2 - $7600

I loved the look of this diamond, of course I choked when I heard the price. My gut feeling was this was very high although I understand the HOF diamonds carry somewhat of an inflated price tag based on the supeior cut and the campaign behind them.


2nd - 14K white gold Kaplan 3 stone ring, center .72CT, H, SI, side stones total .85CT, H, SI - $6475

I liked this piece as well and I though it very affordable.


Any and all feedback is appreciated.



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Ask to be shown Ideal Cut Heart and Arrows diamonds that carry either GIA or AGS lab reports and see if they compare favorably to the HOF stone.


The liklihood is that you can save significant money without sacrificing quality.

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