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Feeling I'm Being Ripped Off


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I'm looking at diamonds in a store near me at the moment. I'm looking for marquise's with a minimum G color, approx 2.0 length to width ratio and decent clarity (ideally VS2 or higher). My budget is about 4K for the diamond.


The store is going to show me a 0.75, G, SI1 and they say its 4.6K. This seems way overpriced to me. Looking around online I'm seeing prices for similar diamonds for under 3K.


I dont mind buying extra for shopping instore but the extra 1.6K seems very excessive to me. I'm wary I'm being ripped off on this.


Are my feelings justified? If so how do I approach this with the jeweler (they have a ring that I cant find anywhere else my girl really wants).





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That’s pretty steep unless there’s some seriously added benefits to shopping at that store that you aren’t listing. Go in and tell them what you just told us …. that you would really like to shop there but they need to offer a better price in order to earn your business. That’s an easy budget to meet and they have plenty of competitors who would love to hear from you if these folks can’t or won’t do it.



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Thanks for the help Neil.


I'm going to clarify the details today and see what happens. It leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth that they might have tried to gouge the price with me, and if they have I'll really have to think about whether or not I want to do business with them. I think they may be using my apparent need of a quick ring as a tactic, but its not a requirement, just a desire.


Its a shame too as I'd like to help the local independent jewelers over a chain or web store (like bluenile), but when they seem to have prices that high (bluenile have a similar diamond for $2700) it really makes me question my loyalty.

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I agree that there’s a lot to be said for supporting local businesses. They’re your neighbors and your neighbor’s employer. They are contributors to your local tax base and they are probably your customers or your customers customer. It’s nice to participate in the system. Sometimes the differences in offers can be subtle, like trade up programs, warranties, setting and sizing services and the like and sometimes it’s just that it’s more expensive for them to include ‘free’ services like a welcoming showroom and helpful salespeople. I understand your frustration but gouge is a pretty harsh word. In the end, if you can’t find the right deal locally there’s nothing wrong with shopping out of town. The big Internet houses are one of the fastest growing segments in the diamond industry for good reasons. They aren’t without their weak points but the prices are usually attractive.



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Told the diamond mentioned above is actually E color.


Also, they're showing me a 0.82, G, SI1 @ 4.2K.


I mentioned they were a bit pricey, and they seemed to agree with me! But said that you can never tell until you see it, which is true.


Hopefully the .82 will be really nice, think I'll go with that if it is.

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Well I learnt something the other day - don't judge a diamond (well a marquise) by its numbers.


The 0.74 mentioned above was absolutely amazing. Great l/w ratio making it look like a real beaut of a marquise, and the cut overall was wonderful. So much light came back off of it.


The way it was cut as well made it look huge. It looked the same size as a 0.92 I compared it to.


So I ended up going for it, as it totally eclipsed bigger and cheaper stones. I probably paid too much for it, but it really was beautifal (like the nicest stone they had in the entire store).

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