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Should I Stay Away From A Gia I2 Diamond?


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Over the weekend I went to a local jewelry store and they showed me an absolutely stunning .71ct round stone for $2000. It was graded as an 'ideal cut', F-color, I1 stone. From what I could see under the 10X scope, it was good enough for my tastes. All inclusions were neglible. The fire and brilliance of this stone were amazing...just not the price (for a non-certified stone). After looking on Amazon I found many many many stones in that same price range, just much larger. One stone in particular was 1.01ct, 'very good cut', D-color, I2 stone. The table was 63% and the depth was 62.5%. My question to everyone here is how much worse is an I2 than an I1 stone when considering the D-color? I know this isnt an easy question to answer, but I just want some opionions here. The only thing we care about is fire and brilliance. Can D-color compensate for inclusions? I know Amazon has a great return policy, so I can always just send it back. Should I even be bother with the hassle? Thanks.

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Cut is related to Clarity, not the Color


The better the Cut Quality of the stone, the cleaner it will face up. This is because improving the Cut increases the amount and intensity of light refracting back to your eye.


Another benefit is that this increase in light will make the diamond appear 'whiter'. Therefore in a really well cut diamond, you can go to an I-J-K color and it will face up white.

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I-2 clarity, by definition, contains inclusions that seriously affect the beauty or durability of the stone. Possibly both. The tradeoff is that the prices are usually attractive. It makes little sense to me to pay the premium associated with a D color just to offset it with an I-2 in order to get a discount.



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Well, thank you for the advice. I found another stone on Amazon I just couldnt resist. It was a .76ct ideal cut, G-Color, I2 clarity stone for $1000. I completely understand that I2 means it has serious inclusions, but with Amazon's excellent return policy I want to see for myself how serious this tradeoff is. Wish me luck.

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