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Patented Diamond - Please Help Me Remember The Name!

Jill B

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My fiancee got me a great engagement ring and now that we are looking for our bands, I want to see if there is something that I like made by the same company/patent. The odd thing about my ring is that the main "stone" is actually four small exactly matched diamonds which are then put together. There is a visible "x" on the top of the stone where they all come together. This is intentional. The whole idea of the diamond is that you get more diamond for less money. Anyway, if anyone can help me with the name of the line of rings, that would be great. The information that I remember is that they are cut in Israel and are patented for the way they are cut. I have searched on the internet, but can not find anything, even though I know there is a website as I went to it when I got the ring


I can upload a picture if that will help - just let me know.


Thanks in advance - Jill

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Thanks Neil. I know he didn't get it at Sears, but I will check there anyways to see if they have the line. From what you said that the line has been discontinued by Helzberg and you haven't seen one in a while, I am guessing the style/cut wasn't popular. I was surprised when I found out what it was (my fiancee had no idea), but I love it - it looks a lot bigger than it actually is in carets because of this cut.

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