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King Diamonds


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I've never heard of them but ebay is full of sellers that I've never heard of so this isn't necessarily bad. Look for clues about the company:


If their only sales avenue is ebay, this is a very bad sign.

If they are outside your home country this is a bad sign.

Read the 'terms and conditions' section carefully. Pay special attention to the return period and limitations on what can happen if you are unhappy with your purchase after it arrives.

Pay attention to who is responsible for grading accuracy. Often this is what's 'unreal'.

If they provide an 'appraisal' that reports a value way out of line with the asking price, this is a bad sign.

Read and understand any unsupported grading claims like cut grades, brilliance grades and the like.

Actually read the feadback, not just the number. Pay special attention to neutral and withdrawn feedbacks.


If you give us a link to an ad for something you're considering, people here may be willing to give comments.


Beyond any 'appraisal' values that they provide, why do you say their prices for things look unreal?


Turn off your CAPS LOCK.



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This is the link to the ad. Just dont really know if there are legit.



King Diamonds



Two things, for one there stones are clarity enhanced, the next thing you need to look into each feedback to see what items they sold to get these feedback, allot of times these eBay sellers have allot of feedback on cheap stuff, but not on regular diamonds.

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