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My budget is around $22,000 and I am looking at the Blue Nile Signature collection.


2.03 Carat

I Color

VS2 Clarity

Signature Ideal Cut

Ideal Polish

Ideal Sym.


My question to you guys is in bold font. I am worried about ordering online with an I color grade and no way to get a good look at the ring. Should I be worried about purchasing an I color diamond, even though it is cut to Blue Niles finest standards? I am really worried about the color, because my girl really mentions that she hates yellow diamonds.


The other thing is, for the same price of around $20,000 I can get a 2.03 carat ideal cut (non signature ideal) with an H color. Is it worth it for me to get the Signature ideal and an I color? All help would be greatly appreciated.


Awesome forum by the way!




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You can, and should, plan on looking at the stone before you make a final decision. BN has a generous return period and I would consider the initial credit card exchange to be a security deposit while you inspect the stone in a variety of conditions, show it to your appraiser, your mother or your astrologer and decide that it’s exactly the right one for you. The return shipping for refund business is a pain in the neck but it’s part of the online shopping process. Be prepared to use it whatever you choose and, if it turns out to be unnecessary, count that as good news.


Most people would not describe an I as even slightly yellow. In fact, most people can’t tell the difference between an F and an I with a mounted stone and in normal lighting conditions. Whether the ‘BN signature ideal’ is sufficiently different from the ‘BN ideal’ and how it might compare to someone else’s top grades is a tougher question. BN has some floating definitions of idealness that don’t really match with the rest of the industry and it’s impossible to compare without looking at the stones in question.



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Thanks a ton for your prompt response. I guess the best bet would be just receiving the ring and having it appraised and inspected personally. Do you think all the rest of the 4 c's on my diamond choice are good selections?




VS2 is nice.


'Ideal' in BN lingo is usually seems to mean AGS-0 or GIA-Excellent, both of which are usually evidence of a pretty good rock. I think 'signature ideal' means that they own it and that they add a few bells and whistles like the GCAL paperwork. I'm not particularly impressed with most of the added documentation but the BN-SI stones I've seen have usually been lovely. As I recall, it comes with a beefed up trade-in program which may be of interest to some shoppers but I'm not certain of that. I'm sure they would be happy to discuss it with you if you call them.


2.03 is a good size if you can stand the budget. For some folks obviously that's a problem, for others less so. I can't really give useful advice here.



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