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I am looking to upgrade my current ring which is a .50 carat princess with princess cut sapphire side stones. My husband I are looking for the best bang for our buck. Is this a decent deal?





Many thanks!

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Here's the specs from the advertisement.


Diamond Details:

Item No.: 7RB11-10

Shape: Round

Color: F

Clarity: SI1

Cut: Ideal Cut

Clarity Enhanced: Yes

Weight: 1.21 ct

Measurements: 6.84-6.90*4.20

Depth: 61.1%

Table Diameter: 56.5%

Crown Height: 14.8%

Pavilion Depth: 43.1%

Issuer: Diamonds-USA

Description: AGS - "0", Ideal-Cut


Diamond Price: US$ 3,993




Since it’s a dealer graded stone, you should consider your relationship with the dealer and their credibility in grading the clarity, color and cutting. This is entirely up to you but, if the answer is that you don’t know them from Adam, I would rely on the grading claims with great caution.


Notice the term “clarity enhanced†in the description. This is important and you should research it if you haven’t already. It’s a neat trick, and it does make certain low clarity stones look a lot better but it’s not for everyone and it doesn’t raise the value by much. An I1 that gets gussied up to look sort of like an SI1 is still an I1. Make sure it’s what you want before you go that route.


You can use the link at the top of the page called ‘find online jeweler’ to look for offers that are comparable as a way of checking up on the price. You’ll notice that the dealers here don’t sell CE stones (or at least they don’t advertise them here) so price compare with untreated stones that are 2 clarity grades lower. In this case, I would be comparing it to I1, G/H.



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When buying diamonds on the internet, I'd steer clear of anything not certified by AGS or GIA. And when buying a princess cut it's preferable to look for a diamond certified by AGS (also called AGSL) since GIA doesn't grade cut quality of princess cut diamonds yet.


The diamond you're looking at appears to only come with a "Diamonds USA certificate" and since Diamond's USA is selling it also it's really just a piece of paper from them stating they vouch for it's quality. As far as I know Diamonds USA doesn't have a respected diamond grading lab approved by the International Diamond Council so I'm not sure what a paper from them is worth. My guess is that "certificate" would be worth very little to most people.


They do describe the cut as "AGS-0, Ideal" which seems kind of hokey since only AGSL can assign that grade and if it were really cut that well they'd just send it over to AGS to prove it.

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