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Opinion On This Diamond


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I have been reading the forums and thread. The information here is very useful. After a few months of research and searching for the stone that I like, I found one with the description below. Would you tell me, in your expert opinion, how you would rate this diamond and whether or not the price is fair.


Round Brilliant


Measurements: 7.05 - 7.08 x 4.39 mm

Carat Weight: 1.35

Color Grade: F

Clarity Grade: VVS2

Cut Grade: Excellent




Depth: 62.1 %

Table: 55 %

Crown Angle: 35°

Crown Height: 15.5 %

Pavilion Angle: 40.8°

Pavilion Depth: 43 %

Star length: 50 %

Lower Half: 75 %

Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick,Faceted

Culet: None




Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: None


Comments: Additional pinpoints are not shown.



Price: $13,099


Thank you,



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Who is this diamond certified by? Based on the specifications you've provided, it sounds like a gorgeous stone. Aside from the unique F VVS2 pedigree, the cut on this stone is superb. This is of course, assuming that the diamond is what it is.


Again, if the stone is what it is, the price is good as well. Hope this helps.

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The information given reads like a GIA report.


The cut angles (35° crown angle, 40.8° pavillion angle, 15.5% crown height, 43% pavillion height) are exactly the same as the diamond I bought my fiance a couple of months ago only hers has a 56% table, 55% stars, and 80% lower half. Maybe cut by the same cutter? I've noticed a good deal of Blue Nile's better cut diamonds have these proportions and appear to be from the same cutter.


Should be a great diamond, meets every definition of ideal (GIA & HCA excellant, AGS & AGA ideal). Mine's F color as well, but smaller carat size and less clarity which made it cost about a third of the price.

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