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Deal Or No Deal?


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I've been doing my research on-line, at 1/2 a dozen jewelers, and survived the diamond district. Looking for your thoughts or comments on whether or not I got a good deal:


SETTING: My girlfriend (soon to be fiance) fell in love with an 8,700 USD SCOTT KAY engagement ring, but as you can figure this is out of my price range, as well as almost anyone else on these threads! I had a jeweler match the ring almost exact for 3,495 USD in platinum and with the same quality of diamonds on the setting (G/ VS2) and carats (1.10).


CENTER DIAMOND: I just cannot bare the thought of purchasing something on-line that I have not seen. I know others are comfortable and congrats on saving the money, but I also could not buy a car on-line even if it was for a few grand less! So I purchased the following for 6,695 USD from the same jeweler in NJ, as this diamond had the most fire and brilliance of anything in it's price range I've seen (even beating out anything from the infamous diamond district):


EGL Certified - 1.26 carat - G color - VS2 - Excellent Ideal Cut


It should be finished this week... any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!!!

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