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Learning All About These Rocks, How Is This One?


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So I have started the long process of trying to figure out all these fancy things about diamonds. Before i started looking into it I though all there was to it was the weight.


Now I find out about the color, clarity, cut, quality. Then today I read even more and I find out about these measurement ratios and other things that I had no idea even existed.


So I have been looking around (Union Diamond mostly, some stores out here in real life world), and found this one, is this a good range of things to be looking at? Is it the right price for the right quality?


Certificate: GIA Shape:

Round Cut: Select Idealâ„¢

Carat: 0.65

Color: F

Clarity: VS1

Regular Price: $2410

Wire Transfer Price: $2340

Measurements: 5.6-5.53-3.46

Depth Percentage: 62.2 %

Table Percentage: 57 %

Girdle: VTN-M

Culet: None (Pointed)

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None (Inert)


I've been reading a lot of good things about Union Diamond around these parts so I am not too worried about using them, but I am worried about buying the wrong thing or wasting my money on a piece of junk.


I did notice that the online prices for a stone can be over $500 cheaper than in a store. I compared one that I saw this afternoon at a local jeweler to Union and found it to be much cheaper. I could get a better quality rock for a much better price. As for the size, she's a tiny person and anything above a .75 looks silly on her hand, we checked. I figure this way I can get a better quality small stone instead of a junk big one.


Anyway, thanks for the assistance. This should be an interesting next couple of time nuggets as I count down the days to actually buying something.



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I don't see a cut grade listed (though I do see they've given it their "Select Idealâ„¢" label which means very little). Given that the polish and symmetry is only very good and not excellant, odds are the cut isn't what would be considered ideal or superideal. Considering cut is the most important of the four C's, you may want to look around a bit more. It's probably a good stone, but not great.


Oh, and as for anything above .75 carat looking silly, my fiance thought the same thing (she thought it would look like she's playing dress up) but I got her a .90 anyway. Shrinkage sets in very quickly. Once they get used to it on their finger it soon doesn't look as big as it did at first. Now she's talking about upgrading to an even bigger one when we get older. If you look around you'll see pics of girls that have a size 4 ring size with a 2 carat ideal cut diamond on their finger that looks very classy and elegant (usually in a Tiffany style setting if it's that big and they pull it off though.)

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