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Questions On Canadian Diamonds


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Do Canadian diamonds tend to cost more? We are considering a Canadian loose diamond with the following general specs:


shape: round

0.82 carat

color: G

clarity: SI1

very good cut

price: $4200USD


We have seen similar non-Canadian diamonds for $600-$800 less. However, it is important for us so we would be willing to pay more.


Also is it difficult to find Canadian diamonds in a Marquise shape that are less than 1ct. in size?


Thank you.

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Not all Canadian diamonds are the same.


There is a system in place by the government of the North West Territories that certifies stones as having been both mined and cut in Canada. It comes with a girdle inscription and a very official looking document. There is also a private system called ‘Canadamark’ that applies to certain stones that were mined in Canada but that may have been cut elsewhere. These also have a girdle inscription although the accompanying documents will vary a bit with the brand of the stone. Lastly, there are stones that were mined in Canada, sold on the open market to a cutter somewhere and where their Canadian origin does not have any credible documentation about the mine locale. The GNWT stones generally cost about 15% more than otherwise similar stones without it in the same marketplace. Canadamark is a little less than that and undocumented stones are the same as everyone else.



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For a diamond to be certified as a Canadian diamond, it is required that the diamond is not only mined from the Northwest Territories but also that they are cut and polished here as well. Canada prior to the diamond mining boom over this past decade did not have a diamond cutting industry of any significance. To meet the requirement set out for a diamond to be certified as "Canadian", many of today's Canadian diamond cutters had to be relocated from places like Antwerp, Belgium and Armenia. There is a significant overhead cost in this which does trickle down into added cost of a Canadian diamond. As well, there is a 'licensing' fee of sorts that is made out to the Northwest Territories' government when a Canadian diamond certification is issued. All this factors into an added cost which reflects in the cost of a Canadian diamond versus one that does is not documented with its country of origin.


That being said, they are guaranteed to be 100% ethical and clean. Being a fellow Canadian, there is of course the patriotic angle which you can't really put a price to. The Canadian diamond rough I've seen is simply beautiful. They tend to be very transparent stone with high colour. Lots of colourless stones (D-F in colour).


Hope that helps,

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“… they are guaranteed to be 100% ethical and clean.â€


This is a very slippery slope and I presume it’s a reference to African stones and the criticism of the Kimberley certification. Canadian certification definitely DOES NOT guarantee that the stones haven’t been used as currency in a criminal activity. It does not guarantee that the stones aren’t stolen, that the cutter or miner involved in them isn’t a murderous drug dealing terrorist or that the investors in the various companies involved from the mining company to the bank to the retailer aren’t involved in sponsoring terrorism. I think these things are all unlikely and I wouldn’t suggest that shoppers be especially concerned about them but the claim that legally imported African diamonds only come with a 99.8% level of confidence of reliable provenance and that the Canadian goods are more desirable because they better than that is arguing a point that is indefensible. 100% is not one of the choices.


Buying Canadian products because you would like to benefit Canadians is certainly no problem, but claiming that it benefits Africans for shoppers to do so is clearly false.



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