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What Do You Think Of This Diamond?


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I'm trying to find a diamond and came across this one. I'm not too familiar with diamonds so I'm trying to get some opinions on this stone. It's priced at $3750.00

dtable.opened.png General Specifications

Carat : 0.83

Cut : Signature Princess

Clarity : VS2

Color : F

dtable.opened.png GIA Specifications

Certificate Number : 14779576

Measurements : 5.37 x 5.02 x 3.84

Depth : 76.5

Table : 59%

Girdle : Thin to medium

Culet : None

Polish : Very good

Symmetry : Very good

Clarity Characteristics : Feather

Fluorescence : None


dtable.opened.png MegaScope Specifications

Crown Angle : 36.9

Crown Height : 13.6%

Pavil. Angle : 39.4

Pavil. Depth : 59.9%

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GIA defines "Square" on its Lab Grading Reports as the Length to Width ratio up to and inclusive of 1.049:1


Visually, the human eye will discern a L:W ratio of 1.07 as square, especially after the diamond has been set into the ring.

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