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Emerald Cut Prices...


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Hi everyone. I know this has been covered a lot (have read the message boards), but would love some specific expert opinion.


Am trying to chose between a number of stones. The first group is GIA certified, the second group is not. I am buying from a jeweler friend so completely trust his judgement. Would love a second opinion on cost and market value...


They are all emerald cut


GIA certified

0.9 carat / F / SI1 / $3530

0.97 carat / F / VVS2 / $4414

1 carat / G / VS1 / $5198

1.1 carat / G / VS2 / $5198


Not certified

1.02 carat / G / VS1 / $4609

1.35 carat / I / VS1 / $5100


I was originally planning on the 0.97 carat / F / VVS2. Better value at just under the carat and $4414 seems like a good price.


Then I looked at the 1.35 carat / I / VS1 at $5100. Which is very tempting!


Is it possible to get the stone GIA certified once it's in the setting?


Realistically, will the I color be that noticeable (I have only seen photos)?

(bearing in mind also that it will be set in 18k gold with two baguettes either side)


Is this is a good price for a 1.35 carat stone?


thanks in anticipation - look forward to hearing back!



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I have a few questions:


1) If you completely trust your jeweler friend, why are you asking for advice from strangers who can’t see any of the stones?

2) You asked about ‘cost’ and ‘market value’. Please define your terms. If you’re asking what the jeweler is paying, why not simply ask him? If you are asking what he’s charging, again simply ask.


An observation: GIA does not certify things. I’m going to assume you mean that the stones were graded by GIA’s laboratory and these were their opinions. This may seem like a tiny semantic thing but humor me on this one, the difference is important.


3) For the stones that were not graded by GIA. Who graded them and why do you believe them?

4) Have you seen ANY of these stones in person?


OK, a few answers too:

1) Most people can’t see the difference between a mounted G and a mounted I colored diamond.

2) No, GIA will not examine a mounted stone.

3) Use the link at the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’ and enter in a few of your parameters. These are all offers for sale by jewelers who advertise here and, in general, they are offers at pretty good prices. You can use this as a comparison for what you’ve found even if you have no intention of shopping online. It’s one of the nice things about the whole online business that it is far easier to look at prices than at local stores.



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