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What do y'all think of the system of little stars for rating the various threads? Is it useful in choosing which threads to read or is it just just added screen clutter? Active voting seems to be 1 or 2 votes, presumably made by the participants in the discussion.


Cast your vote now! 5 stars means it's a terrific upgrade to the forum, 1 star means it's a waste of pixels. Lurkers, you don't even have to post an answer to vote, you can remain completely anonymous. How cool is that?


The way to do it is to click on the little down arrow in the box that says 'rating' followed by a row of stars. Click on one of the stars that comes up in the dialog box to cast your vote. Choose the leftmost one to vote 1 star, the rightmost one to vote 5 stars or whatever you like in between. You can even change your vote later if you change your mind or if the thread develops in a direction other than what you expected. Don't you wish politics worked that way?



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