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Gem Scan Vs Gia???????


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I think the problem here is that you have unrealistic expectations. You’ve found a GemScan stone that’s being sold at a steep discount when you compare the stats to superficially similar GIA and AGS stones and you’re wondering why. Right?


There are several choices:


1) The dealer is telling you that GemScan graded the stone exactly the same as GIA would and that the stone is less expensive because of GIA’s fees and schedule. Furthermore, the jeweler and their supplier are either too generous, too lazy or too foolish to send it in to GIA themselves and then raise the price by $1000 or more. Maybe they don’t know how to do it or perhaps they are new to the business and are unaware that they could get more money for it with a different pedigree.


2) The jeweler and their suppliers all know that the way to get the most money out of that particular stone is to sell it with the GemScan papers and put up with the associated discount. They have anticipated that GIA would give them a lower grade and therefore they would net a lower price, even with the opportunity to charge a premium for the GIA documentation.


3) What they really are selling is a brokering service for GIA paper. They charge you $350 to send it in and give GIA $100 of that to do the work. So what if you don’t buy the stone? There’s their profit right there! Maybe even more depending on the shipping and handling fees being charged. If you don’t buy it they can just keep sending in the same stone again and again while banking $250 each time. That's not a bad gig if they could keep it going.


Without seeing the stone, my bet would be on #2. The stone is priced right for what it is and is being sold with a ‘feel good’ type report for the benefit of people who just have to have a certain letter or two on the report. I’m with diamondsonfifth, if it’s important to you to have GIA grading, buy a GIA graded stone. It’s not like they’re hard to find.



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I agree with Neil.


If you're unsure about the stone or the deal sounds too good to be true, go with a GIA or AGS certified diamond. The question I put out to my clients is this: When shopping in Toronto for a diamond engagement ring, why is there such a wide range in price when you look at Gemscan certed diamonds? On the other hand, when you shop apples-to-apples for GIA or AGS certified diamonds, you'll notice that the prices are a lot more stable.


I'll let you be the judge.

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