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I am looking at buying a diamond that has a Gem Scan Cert in toronto from a diamond importer. The price seems really good so I am hesitant to purchase the diamond. It is a 1.45, VS-2, F, Ideal, Excellent, 7.35x7.27x4.5. 12,000CAD with mount. Can anyone give me some advice in what this diamond should cost and whether or not I should get GIA, he said he doesnt mind sending it at my cost. 350 US plus shipping insurance and shipping cost. Any help would be appreciated.


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1) Why so much money for the GIA? Here’s GIA’s fee structure.

2) Who pays for the various fees if GIA gives a different grade from what GemScan did?


As a general rule, I don’t recommend this sort of thing but I do like the concept that the dealer is willing to offer it. Depending on the answers to the above, it’s a vote of confidence by the dealer in their own grading. If you absolutely want a GIA graded stone, buy a GIA graded stone. Surely they can get them. It’s the dealer’s job to provide the paperwork on their merchandise, not the customer’s.



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If the stone is what it is, it is a good price. Gemscan is not known to the trade outside of Toronto, although they are expanding. In the past, I would have considered them quite optimistic in their diamond grading, hence why a lot of local retailers like using them. However, I have seen some Gemscan certed diamonds lately that were either bang-on or even conservative in my opinion.


My concern with this type of stone is that the value drops significantly if the clarity is one grade lower (SI1). If that is the case, the diamond is not as good of a deal. Just a typical retail markup then. Toronto has to be the toughest diamond market by far in Canada. It's not uncommon for diamond dealers/jewellers to send their diamond out to be certed by 2 or even 3 diamond certification companies here (as they're all on the same street/vicinity) and end up selling them at the highest given grade.


I'm based in North York so if you wanted to come by with the stone, I would be willing to give you our opinion about it.

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